Let Your Marketing Enhance the Sales Process, Not Slow It Down

If you were to ask the average Joe salesperson what they think of their marketing department you’re likely to get one of two answers, “they help me” or “they’re in my way.” It’s no secret that marketing and sales departments aren’t always on the same page, but their end goals are the same – grow the company’s business.

The number one goal of the marketing department is to drive in leads for the sales team as well as assess the quality of the leads that do come in. The sales department is responsible for communicating what information they would like to receive from their leads and outlining their goals to the marketing department so there can be seamless execution. Once your sales department has clearly outlined their daily, monthly and yearly goals, they should share them with the marketing department so that the two teams can develop a joint strategy. It’s when teams fail to do this and develop separate strategy plans that resources get wasted and goals are missed.

They may seem demanding and invasive at times, but your marketing department isn’t your adversary, they’re your ally, your resource. When the sales team wins the marketing team wins and vice versa, so if your marketing isn’t enhancing your sales process you may consider rethinking your strategy.