Lead Generation v. Demand Generation

demand genHere at Abstrakt, we offer a number of solutions to help grow your business.  Eventually, we hope to hand you well-qualified leads that can become new clients.  In the past we’ve called these efforts lead generation, but there’s a new buzz word in town: demand generation.  So what’s the difference?  Read on to see the differences between the two and what they can accomplish when paired together.

Demand Generation comes first.  Break it down, and you’ll find out that it’s essentially creating interest in your brand.  This step focuses on the marketing side of things, hoping to change perspectives and increase awareness of your product or service.  Some examples of demand generation include PPC campaigns, YouTube videos and blogs.

Lead Generation, on the other hand, actually collects leads and their information.  With demand generation, we know there is a want or need for your product or service.  Lead generation is the more sales-oriented step of this process.  We use this to get information from those in need of our business, and then turn them into new clients.  Online forms are commonly used to track interested prospects and secure their information.

To put it simply, demand generation communicates your benefits to a mass audience.  This lets prospects see what you have to offer, and allows for them to voluntarily move into your sales process.  From here, those interested will offer up their information in exchange for something you have that they want.

One without the other can work for you, but teaming demand and lead generation can ensure you’re getting the serious prospects you want.  Seem like a lot of work?  Give Abstrakt a call.  After all, we’re kind of good at this whole thing.