Lead Generation Comes to LinkedIn

When it comes to the really important things in life, like getting a haircut and eating dinner, you trust your friends over strangers on the street for recommendations, right? Studies show that word of mouth and online recommendations are valued more than marketing messages from companies.

With a slew of new plug-ins, LinkedIn will now make it easier for companies to tap into these “word of mouth recommendations.” The new plug-ins can take professional networks a click away from your own website. People won’t just be recommending which sandwich to try, they’ll be recommending the deli from which to buy it.

With options to embed everything from member profiles to a “Share” button, LinkedIn’s new plug-ins will enable users to share and drive traffic to your site. Using the share button, LinkedIn members can easily recommend your website through their professional network. Each plug-in can function as your own little lead generation service. The button can be as simple as the LinkedIn logo or as complex as containing the share count (for extra peer pressure to share your site).

The “Sign In with LinkedIn” button allows people to register or sign in to your website with their LinkedIn identity. Users can bring their professional identity and network to your website, which in turn allows you to customize your site by geography, work experience, and all of the other information LinkedIn has provided.

So what does this mean for lead generation? Websites can customize their content and enhance web marketing strategies with information gleamed from professional networks, and the power of “word of mouth” recommendations can help your website’s visibility to LinkedIn users.