LEAD GEN – 2 big steps to scoring one big deal

Are you a business development professional and wondering where to find those – what seem like secret – corporate presentations? If you go to a large public company’s website, they are usually under the section “INVESTORS” (typically a tab that links to a separate page), or something comparable.

From that simple click, the sky is the limit.

Public companies are required to present their earning call to shareholders and analysts quarterly, or in some instances, more than once These presentations stocked full of numbers, strategic planning, goals and outcomes. Did you know these presentations are publicly accessible and just out there to be seen at any time? As a business developer capitalizing on lead generation, you can use this to your distinct advantage. If you dive into this to help your pitch, not only does it show you have conducted significant research, but it will provide you – as the seller – with leverage to prove how you can increase their business

Companies also post their business presentations and can include anything from the company’s “State of the Union” to their internal organizational chart. McKesson Corporation’s recent investor presentation is a great example. The chart is a great way to identify the right person to speak with in regards to your selling goals. More importantly, it can help you track the necessary route to take in terms of who to speak with and present to within the business. Many of these companies post their five-year strategic plans, budgets, spending history among much other information that most would assume to be private. These corporate presentations are publicly available, within just a handful of clicks, to amplify your sales pitch and to tailor to fit your needs.

These two essential steps should be a signal to you to do your research and get creative with it. It will likely be additional work, but it will show through in the final presentation and likely score you the big win – a new client with a possible six-figure deal!