Lead Gen the AMG Way – It Goes Beyond Setting an Appointment

When you choose to outsource your lead generation services, you are taking a pretty big risk — the growth of your business is now in the hands of a third party. What do you expect out of the partnership when you team up with that third party? Are appointments the only criteria that matter to your sales department or is the quality of the appointment and a developed relationship as important? Many lead generation companies focus on the task of setting appointments without giving much attention to all the other pieces of the puzzle that are needed to be successful.

Before we jump into setting an appointment with a prospective client, our team researches the market, making sure we have connections with the appropriate decision makers at the companies your business wants to work with. Once we have established a group of target contacts, we work diligently to contact and build relationships with them. We then nurture that relationship until they are ready to move forward to the appointment setting stage.

There are two types of companies that you can generally look at when it comes to lead generation outsourcing solutions – those who focus on the generic task of setting an appointment and those who focus on building the relationship and finding real opportunities for your company. AMG is the latter of the two. We not only find the opportunities your company is looking for, but we develop relationships with those companies that will last.

We’re ready to help your company grow and connect your business with partners that will last. Contact us through our website if you are interested in partnering with our lead generation department.