Is Twitter a Sales Tool You’re Taking Advantage Of?

business-tweetHas anyone ever recommended that you use Twitter as a sales tool? If so, of those recommendations, how many times have you actually considered it? If you’re not already a Twitter user, the concept may be completely foreign to you. After all, your prospecting process has worked fine up until now, why mess with a good thing? Having a presence on Twitter isn’t going to guarantee you sales, but the potential to generate leads is there.

Twitter is all about an ongoing conversation. Who do you follow? Who follows you? With hundreds of millions of people actively participating in the conversation every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Searching for prospective customers using industry-specific hashtags and keywords is a great way to build your prospect list. You can then use Twitter much like you would use LinkedIn to initiate conversations between yourself and your prospects.

Outside of adding to your prospect list, you can use Twitter to gain insight on the one you already have. Use Twitter to research your prospects and their parent companies to get a solid sense of their challenges and goals. The information you may gain from this activity could be vital in future pitches to those prospects.