Increase Sales by Creating Charisma

charismaWhen we think of charisma we often assume it’s a trait or quality that you’re either born with or you aren’t. It’s the one characteristic that everyone wants their salespeople to possess, but many don’t. We have some news for you: what you have come to know about charisma is a myth. Does it come easier to some individuals over others? Yes.  However, it is also a skill that can be developed and sharpened over time.

Earlier this year, The Art of Charm produced an insightful podcast with Dr. Isaiah Hankel entitled “Black Hole Focus” [Episode #284]. Throughout this podcast, Dr. Hankel explores the elements or skills that make up charisma and the various ways in which we can sharpen those skills. Take a look at the skills that make-up charismatic individuals.

Components of Charisma

  • Expressiveness: The ability to strike up conversations with strangers, relate to them and convey feelings easily.
  • Sensitivity: The ability to read other people and situations well.
  • Self-control: The ability to adjust one’s personality depending on mood and social make-up of the group you are speaking with.
  • Presence: Being in the moment with someone without being a threat or overbearing.
  • Clarity: Being clear and well organized. This is a key trait in increasing likability.
  • Mystery and Paradox: Having a layered personality, being multi-dimensional.

Why are charismatic personalities so important to my company’s sales success? From day-to-day office operations to connecting with decision makers at prospective companies, charisma plays a part. Sales professionals who possess this skill have an easier time communicating, attracting business and creating long lasting relationships.

From the moment our Partner Sales Representatives join our organization we work with them on developing the previously mentioned skills. The impact these interpersonal skills have on the success of our clients’ businesses is indispensable. Most of our clients don’t have the time or resources to dedicate toward this sort of professional development, which is just another reason why they value our business growth solution. If you are looking to partner with a company with impeccable talent that can help grow your business, contact us today.