How to Host a Memorable B2B Event

Attending networking events is something of a regular occurrence when you work in a B2B environment. Not only can you build a great contact list and for potential partnerships, but you’ll probably get a couple of business leads as well. If you’re attending networking events regularly you’ve probably taken mental notes – which events were well-organized, fun, and beneficial to your business and which weren’t.  

After attending your fair share of events, it may be time to host your own, which means it’s time to combine all the great aspects of past networking events you’ve experienced and leave out the not-so-great parts. If this is the first event you’ve hosted, you’re undoubtedly under additional pressure to leave a great impression on attendees.

As always, location is a large part of any event. If you’re hosting the event in-house, be sure the space is spick-and-span as well as arranged in a way that people can easily maneuver. Decide on a topic for the event and advertise the topic to potential attendees while promoting prior to the event date. Relevant industry topics will draw in a large attendance.  If you plan on having food at your event (such as appetizers,) make sure that it is fantastic. Great food can set the entire mood of an event and poor food will, unfortunately, surely be remembered.  Most importantly, make the event fun for those in attendance, be that through conversation or speakers, find a way to stand out.

When planning your B2B event, go back to the basics and pay attention to detail – it’s a foolproof plan.