How to Create a Valuable Sell Sheet

PizzaScissorsSellSheetSell sheets are a salesman’s best friend on a pitch.  This one or two-page document showcases your company’s product or service benefits.  This information is similar to what you’d find on the back of a novel.  It’s a short summary of what your company is all about, and what you’re offering.  Be sure to follow this short list when creating your sell sheets:

1.  Make sure to place contact information on every page.  This way, if the client is interested in more information, they can easily contact someone to speak further.

2.  Showcase product information and benefits, briefly.  Your pitch isn’t going to take all day, so keep your sell sheets to the point.

3.  Use imagery!  You’re summarizing the perks of your business in a sell sheet.  Imagery can help for better understanding and keep interest in your product/service.

4.  List patent or other product documentation that can help you appear more credible.

5.  Come up with a catchy headline or tagline to create interest.

The goal of a sell sheet is to create enough interest in a product that someone buys it.  You want to inform the reader, and give them as much information as possible on one sheet of paper.  Sell sheets work especially well when promoting a new product or service.  Just remember to make it interesting!  This can sell the product for you, or be the aid you need during a pitch.