How to Create a Dialogue With Cold-Calling

downloadWe’ve all been there: the stumbling stutter of being unprepared.  If you show up without your ducks in a row when calling a prospect, you’re most likely going to be hung up on.  I’m a believer that phone prospecting is the art of making things happen.  But in a world of first impressions, preparedness is the key to opening that dialogue and making sales happen.  Here are some helpful tips to keep the conversation going:

–  When you start, be sure to keep your mindset in the present moment.  Try not to think about the end result of making the sale (where YOU want to end up); think about where the prospect currently is in the process, and where THEY want to end up.

– You should already have an idea of their needs, so center the conversation on what they’re thinking and how you can help them. Make the person on the other end feel understood by you.

– I know a new client is a new client.  But who wants to deal with a client whose expectations can’t be met?  Be sure to qualify your leads and decide if there’s an actually a possibility of a good fit before you call.

– Inform the prospect of how you can help, but don’t chase them into making a purchase.  This is where you have to turn off the robot and appear as a human being.  Create that pressure-free atmosphere where they feel comfortable talking about their issues and concerns.

In essence, successful cold calling revolves around the prospect.  Approach the conversation professionally.  Your attitude towards the call can make or break you, because it’s all about trust.  Don’t forget to drop the “sales speak” and just talk.  No one hits a home run on their first try, so focus on getting to first base and keep at it.