How Improv Can Improve Sales

feedbackNo matter how many hours we put into our sales training, we’ll eventually run across an objection or question we weren’t expecting.  Some say sales calls are just as much improv as they are preparation. Integrating improv into your sales training process is a great way to condition your sales team to think on their toes and succeed with or without their script.

Great salespeople don’t need their script to make the sale. They are well-versed enough on their products and services to succeed without it. You’re not always going to have your pitch deck and script in front of you; many times you will need to rely on your persuasive conversation skills to get the sale. “Sizing up the scene” is a basic improv skill that can be easily integrated into your sales strategy. Take networking events for example: you would “size up the scene” by learning more about the individuals you are with. By focusing primarily on the customers and avoiding any pre-determined agenda, you’ll be in an ideal position to reconnect with a prospect after the event.

Although it may not always be needed, a sales script can be an ideal reference guide for your sales staff. It’s the essential training tool. Salespeople should know their script inside and out, having picked apart every piece and prepared themselves to answer any questions their prospects may have. Using their script as a study guide, improv drills can help any sales staff iron out the kinks of their pitch. These drills will relax your team and keep them calm, cool and collected when they run into uncommon objections down the road.