How Does What You Eat Affect Your Sales Performance?

Health_Tips_for_Food_Cravings__thumbEveryone associates what you eat to how you perform in sports, but is the same true for sales? Sounds crazy, but it’s not: what you eat DOES affect your sales performance. When we have to perform work, we want our nervous system to be ready to roll, this is the same thing that happens when our adrenaline kicks in for a race or when we are scared, the “fight or flight” you have heard about. This is what provides us with energy, but more importantly, provides the ingredients to be locked in and focused.

When we wake up in the morning, this is our bodies’ natural state. Our cortisol levels are high and we’re ready to take on the day. The problem is that this energy level stops as soon as you down a hamburger, sandwich or cookies and soda, or what is technically referred to as refined carbs. Eating these carbs causes a spike in our sugar levels which in turn causes us to start feeling groggy, sluggish and tired because your body is more concerned with digesting the food you just ate than whatever task you were focused on beforehand.

So if you focus on protein (chicken, fish, eggs, red meats), healthy fats and vegetables during the day, you will trigger a much smaller spike in your sugar levels and allow you to stay focused, allowing you the mental acuity to adequately handle the necessary concentration needed to perform your job at the optimum levels, thus CLOSE MORE DEALS!