Harnessing the iFrame for Lead Generation

The debate over social media’s role in business is over. We all know that, with the right gameplan, a social media presence can connect and enhance a business’s relationship with its customers. But the ROI and the bottom line? That’s another question that business minds struggle with. How can your business’s Facebook page be both an interesting and informative destination for customers while also having the potential for lead generation?

Meet the iFrame.

lead generation st. louisWhen you’ve got the basics down, your profile is completed and you’re posting on a regular basis, it’s time to think about branching out. For the “bottom line guy,” iFrames are a perfect way to directly connect with potential leads while mixing things up.

Using an iFrame, you can create a new tab for visitors (and all your potential new customers and clients) to visit and, if you’re lucky, generate a few leads. A simple contact submission form can be used to collect questions, comments and – most importantly – names and email addresses. If somebody takes the time to visit your iFrame and leave you a note with their contact information, that sounds a lot like a fresh new lead.

The best part about iFrames? They can essentially function as a website within Facebook. Whether you want it to direct people back to your website, showcase your latest YouTube video or collect information from potential leads, the only limit to an iFrame is your own creativity. Depending on your goals, business size and budget, iFrames can be a great return on investment that takes very little of your own time to create. And that’s somebody your guy in accounting will be happy to hear.

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