Grow by Going Against the Grain

In sales it often seems that everyday is filled with more of the same old thing. We have processes and a schedule to keep and no matter the company, the position itself tends to follow a standard format. That’s not to say these processes won’t be successful — there is obviously a reason so many businesses stick with them. However it’s when you go against the grain that you are presented with the opportunity to have a big influence on your market.

In our organization, our sales strategy is one of a kind. We have the luxury of presenting a process to targets that they haven’t seen before. We’re going against the grain. Unfortunately not all sales departments are that lucky. How can you go against the grain when you have strict guidelines on your activity? Make it your own. A unique tagline, a spice of personality and a perfected trick or two that will get you in contact with a decision maker may be all you need to blaze a new trail in your department. There’s a reason your supervisor is in the position they are – they had success in their previous positions. Get a pointer or two from your supervisors — they may just have some insider tips you haven’t discovered yet.

It’s possible that it’s time for your organization to change their strategy completely and if that’s the case, we’d like to discuss our lead generation solutions with you. If you aren’t quite ready to make that jump, then try taking our previously mentioned advice and customize your approach so that it better fits your personality. There’s no doubting that a more confident and comfortable sales staff is a more successful one.