Getting Google Analytics, Part 3 of A LOT

peopleOh Google Analytics, how gracefully you’ve taken away the long hours of demographic research.  I think I love you.  It seems like magic, but almost instantly, GA can supply information to you about your site’s visitors.  Imagine knowing where your audience is located, what languages they speak, what operating system they’re using and possibly even their age and gender.  Google Analytics uses cookies and prior history to gather this information for your business.

Understanding your site’s guests can help come up with content and decide where to spend money on advertising.  Here are some helpful terms Google Analytics uses to better grasp who your visitors are.

– A visit occurs when someone arrives at a page of your website. (If a specific visitor has been to your site more than a dozen times, they’re considered a site “fan.”)

– A session is the amount of time that a visitor spends exploring your website. (Sessions end when visitors close your window, or after being inactive for 30 minutes.)

– Bounce Rate describes when a visitor comes to your site, quickly scans content, and closes the window without exploring other pages of your site. (Google Analytics considers them to have “bounced” off your site.)

Basically, Google Analytics accesses demographic information through cookies and prior history.  They’ll let you know if your visitor searches are organic or social, and whether you’re hitting your target.  They also tell you whether visitors are coming back, how frequently they return and how engaged they are in your content.  Thanks again GA for being super BA…