Geo-Targeting is working for Marketing Campaigns

Geo-targeting is a term many marketing departments are becoming accustomed to using as they see major success through geo-targeted campaigns.  Geo-targeted social media campaigns allow marketers to maximize their advertising budget by choosing the zip code, state, city, or region they wish to reach. Because a geo-target ad is only seen by a specific market, marketers can save money (and clicks) in their campaigns.

Another plus that comes along with go-targeted social marketing campaigns is the option to customized the offer or language depending on a target market. Marketers continue to opt for geo-targeted social media advertising campaigns because they garner feedback on who is clicking their advertisements and where they may be most effective.

A Recent Geo-Targeting Campaign

Geo-targeted social media campaigns are taking local advertising to the next level. Are you using tools such as geo-targeting to stay a top competitor in your market?