Facility Services Yelp Review for Abstrakt Marketing Group

In April a Facilities Services client posted the following Yelp review for Abstrakt Marketing Group.

5 star


Brian C. | Mount Pleasant, SC

“My name is Brian Cradock and I am the President of IFS Group.  We are a Janitorial & Facilities Service Contractor in Charleston, SC.  Abstrakt is a smart, innovative company that can generate solid leads without the cost of having to hire too many sales people that don’t produce.  There business processes and approach to inside sales and marketing is ahead of the curve.  They will represent your company well and fill the sales pipeline if you work with them.  I have been in sales for 25 years and Abstrakt is the future for outsourcing sales leads and marketing.   In our first 6 weeks they scheduled 8 appointments and added 30 warm leads to the sales pipeline.   We all know that generating leads takes time and patience. We have tried telemarketing and hired outside sales and have felt the pain that many businesses do in trying to get productivity out of these costly investments.  It’s an up and down cycle.  Abstrakt has a system that ensures you will get good leads at a fraction of what you would have to pay adding field reps or throwing your money away with inexperienced telemarketing companies.

If you’re not looking into Abstrakt you are doing your business a disservice.  I recommend Abstrakt to any business looking to increase sales and keep costs down.  They are the future of inside sales and marketing!

Brian Cradock
President / CEO