Don’t Dread Phone Prospecting

Good morning, sunshine!  I know you just got here, and you have hours of work to do already…but I’m going to need you to set up some meetings with at least three potential new clients.  Oh, and can you have that done before lunch?  Thanks, you’re a peach.

Ah, phone prospecting.  I can see the sparkle of excitement in your eye.  Like AT&T said in the 80’s, the telephone is the way to “reach out and touch someone.”  It’s 2014, after all; you know everyone is just dying to be touched.   Communication today is instant with mobile devices and social media.  But like a good cuddle session, is it meaningful?

People seem to have turned into robots in the age of technology.  If you call me, I already know you’re selling something.  On websites, our eyes move away from areas we commonly see advertisements.  So how do you “reach out and touch someone” without bursting their personal robot bubble?

If you’re making the calls:

Be simple and honest about why you’re calling.  From there, be direct and conversational.  Most likely, if a business or consumer needs your product or service, they’ve already done some research on their own.  It’s important to do some research on your client as well.  Stay patient, and make sure to dial down that pushy sales pitch.  This personal touch can really sell your business to the client, and make sure you’re always growing.

If you’re outsourcing:

It’s likely that your area of expertise isn’t in cold calling, but who else is going to bring in new clients?  Why not outsource your prospecting to someone who is highly trained, experienced, educated, and an all-around phone pro.  No more building up the courage to make a call all week; just leave that job to someone else.  This allows you to focus on your job and training your team, all while your business’ name is getting out there.

So whether you’re outsourcing, or doing the hard work yourself, phone prospecting is exactly that: hard work.  If you can work it into your schedule, aim to make a few calls per week.  Otherwise, outsourcing is a good way to free up some of your time to focus on your internal business.  Don’t dread the phone call!  How else are you going to reach out and touch someone?