Do You Have Your Lead Response Management on Track?

If you’re someone in your business that works in either the company’s sales or marketing department, you undoubtedly have an in-depth understanding of what lead response management is. You work countless hours every week reviewing analytics and adjusting your marketing strategy to increase web traffic, click-through rates and overall conversions with the end goal being increased leads for your business. With all that effort going into driving leads, it’s a wonder how many businesses fail to have a lead response management program in place.

If I head out to a website and fill out a contact form, I fully anticipate that a company will be responding to my submission within 24 to 48 hours. Something that won’t secure my business with them is receiving a follow-up call or email weeks after the fact. By then you’ve lost my interest and I’ve moved on to a competitor that’s more efficient in their lead management.

How do you avoid this scenario? Set up the process, train your sales staff and follow up regularly with both them and your marketing department to ensure your leads are turning into opportunities. It’s impossible to show conversion rates and prove that all of your marketing efforts are working when no one is documenting it – or even worse, they aren’t following up at all. This is a common mistake in business and we’re seeing it more and more. So if you’re unsure, check in with your department to make sure a proper lead response management program is in place. You can’t always avoid losing business to your competition, but you can avoid driving your prospects into their waiting arms.