Customer Reviews-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Customer reviews can make or break your business.  You could have the most glamorous celebrity promote your business or brand and have your company advertised everywhere, but nothing influences a customer quite like reviews.  Many people believe in the saying “the customer is always right” when reading reviews. In recent years, people have been relying on online reviews to help with their decision on buying a product. People will be honest about a product when they are posting as “anonymous”.

After coming across the article, How to Solicit Customer Reviews Without Pissing People Off on Mashable, I thought this was worth sharing with others.  One should not underestimate the power of a customer review.  This is good article that can help any business when it comes to customer reviews.

When you are a small business (like Abstrakt), online marketing is an important tool to use. Once something is on the internet, it spreads like wildfire.  After a small Arizona business received negative reviews for years, the owner decided to fight back by posting some not so nice Facebook statuses. Was it the best business practice? Absolutely not-no one is going to want go to a business where the owner calls customers stupid. Instead of insulting your customers when receiving poor reviews, one must respectfully acknowledge the review.  Negative reviews are bound to happen with any company, big or small.  No matter how ugly the reviews get, you have to face them (without having a meltdown). You could possibly turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. Customer experience affects the review.  Here at Abstrakt, we strive to experience, to ignite and to grow. One of our areas of focus is to grow within our customer’s business. A happy customer is what helps a business grow.