“Coffee’s for closers!” Looks Like It’s Time for Another Pot

coffeeWalking through our sales department today I stumbled upon quite the site. The sounds of screams and whoops filled the air and I watched as one of our sales managers ran out of the department. I assumed something really good had happened (or so I hoped) to account for his odd behavior. Next thing I know he’s back in the department, high-fives all around and looking like he may very well pass out. Well I finally got the 4-1-1.

Sales manager Michael Carter had a very good reason for his behavior, today he brought on the largest contract that the team has ever had. Congratulations Michael! Michael quickly filled me in on why this deal is so exciting – the possibilities. Abstrakt has taken on the challenge of growing our creative department in 2014 and this is just the start. The most exciting thing however is the passion and excitement I saw in the sales pit. It’s more than just making a sale or bringing on new business, our sales team is genuinely when these opportunities arise because they know we will now be making a significant impact on the future success of these businesses. We have one goal – to help businesses grow. Our team takes that challenge very seriously and seeing their excitement for new clients reminds all of us how important our roles are here.

Whether it’s improving your social and web presence, updating your sales collateral or launching a new campaign, we’re up to the challenge. I know Michael and other members on his team are excited to talk to you.