Click Me! 6 Steps to Increase Your Click-Through Rates


Click-through rates are measured by how many visitors initiated action with your ad.  Isn’t this the point of putting advertisements out there anyway?  Here are some simple ways to increase your CTRs:

1. Choose keywords very carefully.

Make sure the targeted terms are in your ad text. According to Google AdWords, even negative keywords can increase your CTRs.  Replace broad keywords with modified ones.

2. Look closely at your device targeting strategy.

CTRs are higher on tablets and smart phones.  One biggie is making sure your site can handle mobile users once they get there.

3. Add some ad extensions.

Once again, Google AdWords can help with this.  Extensions can include location, phone number, product, etc.

4. Raise your bids.

Just like gambling, be careful!  Raising bids can mean more clicks, but are they resulting in something?  Or are they a waste of money?

5. Test those ads!

Sometimes it’s good to be ridiculous and out there.  Use ad testing to determine which message is working best.  You never know what’s going to resonate with your target.

6. Got rhythm?

Edit your copy.  Make sure it reads well and excites your viewers.  Eliminate pauses in your ad – everything should flow to keep the interest.