Challenge: Measure the Internet. No Rulers Allowed!

Tape_Stock_03_by_ElaweaselIn past blogs, I’ve rambled on about the importance of social media, demand generation, nurturing leads, etc.  Now that more businesses are utilizing social networks and growing their websites, how can we measure that our efforts are really paying off?  Here’s a quick review on web analytics, and how call tracking can be essential to your digital marketing plan.

Web analytics measure internet data in order to better understand and optimize web usage.    This tool is especially useful when launching a new advertising campaign, to track how website traffic changes.  Generally, analytics fall into two categories: off-site and on-site.

Off-site web analytics measure regardless of whether you own and maintain your own site.  This measures opportunity for potential audiences, how many shares, how many comments, etc. are on the internet as a whole.

On-site web analytics measure a visitor’s behavior on your site.  This behavior can be measured through quantitative indicators, qualitative indicators, output indicators, etc.  The most common way to see how they’re using your site is through Google Analytics.

Web measurement can showcase where consumers are engaged on our sites, and what content they’re sharing.  But what if a prospect has questions about your business and decides to call and inquire?  How can you tell where they came from?  Are they getting your contact information at the top of your website?  Twitter?  This is where call tracking can enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Call tracking is a simple concept, but can really generate leads for your business.  Basically, this software will assign a unique phone number to each marketing campaign.  From here, you can understand how many inquiries you received from each marketing effort.  And there you have it, a better look at where your leads are entering the sales funnel, and where they’re dropping off.  Not to mention, this kind of measurement showcases where your marketing is working and where budgets should be focused.