Better Safe Than Sorry: How Well Do You Know Forklift Safety?

Accidents in the workplace can be detrimental to a business – ergo, safety at work needs to be a number one priority.  Forklifts are naturally dangerous machines, so it is imperative to make sure the proper precautions are followed.  We touched briefly upon the importance of safety at work in a previous post, and now we are bringing you the following tips to ensure a stable work environment for your employees.

  • First and foremost, no employee should be using a forklift – or any heavy machinery – unless they have completed the proper training and licensing.  OSHA standards require very specific requirements for different areas, so be sure that your employees are thorough.
  • Workplace design is essential for forklift operation.  Narrow lanes, cluttered aisles, lots of traffic, and uneven surfaces are all preventable obstacles that can result in a mishap.
  • Be sure to complete all scheduled regular maintenance on your heavy machinery.  All of your efforts to train a knowledgeable staff and keep an impeccable workplace will be wasted if you neglect your forklifts’ need for preservation.

Whether you are using forklifts or selling them, it is necessary to be aware of the risks involved with this machinery to avoid catastrophe in your place of business.   It is impossible to bring in new business if you are constantly dealing with the headache that comes after an accident at work.  Follow these tips (and the requirements from OSHA) and you are sure to have more resources available to assist in more important things – such as lead generation.

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