B2B Lead Nurturing 101: Email Content

You know how the sales nurturing process works: there’s continuous contact with potential customers, nurturing the relationship until they are ready to buy. Outsiders may think that the sales process is simple—if prospective customers say no, then you thank them and move on…but you know that’s not true. In reality over 70% of B2B sales leads are not ready to purchase during the initial time of contact.

So what’s the point of “nurturing” a lead for an extended amount of time if you are never sure they’ll want to buy? You don’t want that potential business buying from your competition do you? The nurture process is all about keeping potential clients updated on your product and service offerings, while positioning yourself as a go-to, helpful resource—and email is a major part of the nurturing process.

Once you have a lead in your pipeline, the “courting” process begins. A lead that resides in the nurture phase should be contacted on a steady, yet not overwhelming, basis through email. These relationship building emails should include everything from best practices to quick tips and, over time, will introduce your products and services to the potential buyer. The initial response you receive from leads regarding these emails will determine which nurture path they fall into. No company can be everything for everyone, and nurturing emails help to define that point and show potential customers that your company can be what they need.

An effective nurturing process doesn’t happen overnight. Our sales professionals have ironed out every detail of the Abstrakt nurture process and have proven successful in lead generation for dozens of industries including commercial painting, accounting, material handling and IT services. If your business would like to learn more about our sales and nurturing process, give us a call.