Are Hand Written Notes Still Relevant in Business? We Vote Yes.

Today, AMA TV discussed whether or not hand written notes are still relevant in business. There are a lot of things that may go out of style, but we don’t think that handwritten notes are one of them.

Why? Simple. The personal touch that’s tied to those handwritten notes is one that helps businesses thrive. Taking a few extra moments to pick up a card, write a note by hand and throw it into the mailbox is something that’s become vastly underrated (and a lost art). Because you know who won’t overlook that note, or your effort? Your clients. Our business partners want to feel like their accounts are important – their accounts should be important – and if a handwritten card helps build that relationship, we’re all about it.

Our team sends out handwritten notes to clients weekly and there’s a reason we’re still doing it – because it works. Has your company given up on the old-fashioned method?