Appointment Setting – Your Key to Getting Past the Gatekeeper

In the world of sales, getting past the gatekeeper can be intimidating. What is one of the best tools in getting past the gatekeeper? Appointment setting! Appointment setting allows you to arrange a time in the future when the decision-maker is available to speak with you. What are some of the benefits of appointment setting? appointment setting

It’s provides them with an alternative answer. Let’s be honest – a gatekeeper’s job is to say ‘no’ to a sales pitch. Chances are the decision-maker will not be able to speak with you when you call. Whether it is because they are busy, unavailable, or just don’t want to talk to you, by setting an appointment for when you can speak to the decision-maker can make a “no” answer a “maybe – call back at ______ and we can discuss this further.”

Gives them time to prepare to speak with you. If you approach a decision-maker when they are not prepared to speak with you, common sense will tell you they will not be very receptive to your sales pitch; however, if they anticipate speaking with you, it gives decision-makers the chance to think about how your product or service could meet their needs – even research you online to better understand your product. This only helps the sales process because you can better communicate to gatekeepers how your product or service can help them.

Helps you determine solid leads. Not everyone is going to need your product or service. An introductory phone call allows you to discuss all of the benefits of your product or service and how it can address the needs of the consumer. If a decision-maker is relatively interested in what you’re offering, they will probably be willing to set an appointment. By setting appointments, your business can save time and money by directing your sales efforts to consumers who are considering purchasing your product or service.

Abstrakt Marketing Group understands that the sales process is crucial to your business. We have developed a proven sales method to get past the gatekeeper and close a sale. Our successful Pipeline prospecting services, which include appointment setting, can discover and nurture leads – converting them to sales. Contact us today to get started on increasing your sales!