Abstrakt Launches Sales Academy for Customers and Employees

As a business growth company, Abstrakt regularly develops and implements new practices to drive employee and customer success. Most recently our company has launched Abstrakt Sales Academy. This resource will be available to all employees and clients, offering weekly sales training from our company’s management team who, collectively, has over 100 years of successful sales experience. Additionally, professional speaker, author and performance coach, Ben Newman, will also present a monthly session through the academy.

Abstrakt Sales Academy will consist of 52 sessions of dynamic sales training, accompanied with custom resource materials and videos.  For clients specifically, all Abstrakt Sales Academy materials will be available through the customer portal, allowing client’s to pick and choose training sessions to use in whichever combination they deem best. This Sales Academy will help each salesperson to understand key selling concepts, while developing their own personal sales style.

6 Sales Academy Sessions have been completed thus far, with topics ranging from “10 Steps to Close More Appointments” to “Customer Loyalty: How to Retain Clients and Make Them ‘LOVE YOU,’” with many more exciting sessions to come. Take a look at Ben Newman’s first Sales Academy Video below!