5 Lead Generation Mistakes


Acquiring new clients isn’t an easy task.  Could you be making it harder on yourself?  Focusing on the lead generation process will ensure a greater ROI, and make for a happy boss.  Here are some examples of what you shouldn’t do:

1.  Not having a lead generation program

Make the customer aware of what you have to offer.  New clients aren’t just going to walk into your business every day.  Social media is a great way to start.

2.  Not looking at the right leads

Identify what kind of attributes you’re looking for in a customer, and find them.  Avoid conversations with people or businesses that aren’t in need of your product.

3.  Not using multiple channels

Especially with the popularity of mobile devices, some leads may prefer to be contacted in a specific way.  Use a few forms of communication to make sure you reach your lead, and don’t get lost in the cracks of a spam folder.

4.  Not nurturing your leads

Staying in communication with leads is good, but that doesn’t always mean a phone call.  Sending newsletters or offering links to white papers is a good way to keep them interested.

5.  Not clearly conveying benefits

The sale can only be made if there is a need for your business.  Make sure you communicate the benefits of your product or service CLEARLY.  What can you do for them?

Do you suffer from these lead generation mistakes?  Just call up Abstrakt Marketing Group to help grow your business!