2014: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

As we roll into the holidays, a lot of people are already thinking of the year as being over. Unmet goals are chalked up as loses and the excuses have already started flowing. However, there are many of us that understand that it’s not over until it’s over and there are still plenty of weeks left to make major moves this year.

Its crunch time: we’re in the final minutes of the last quarter and every move we make matters. The question is, how do we make the most of those minutes?

Most importantly, stop reverting to your list of excuses. Blaming holiday hours and other such obstacles are nothing more than a copout. Instead, focus on the actions that you can control. What activities can you do that will positively impact the end of your year? Discuss these actions with your supervisor and create an action plan that will set you up for success in the time you have remaining. Finally, celebrate your successes. You may not meet every goal you had set for this year, but you will meet many of them. Those successes are significant and you should be proud of them, so remember to give yourself and your team members the positive support you deserve.

2015 is approaching quickly, but there are still plenty of days left for us to succeed in 2014. Take it one day at a time and live in the now. Remember, it’s not over until it’s over. Good luck!