What’s Wrong with your Automotive Promotion?


The automotive industry is one of that is full of competitors. Everywhere you turn there are car dealerships. I’m sure just one trip down a popular highway and you see 10 or more dealers. In an industry as tightly packed as this one, you need something to set you apart. Every one of your competitors will be sending prospective customers in their market different types of promotions and marketing tools in order to stir up business. People will see these on a daily basis and get tired of receiving them. Most of them will just go straight into the trash. The key is to make the deal sweet enough to keep their attention. You want to stand out from the crowd by being different and unique.  Using a design they haven’t seen before may just do the trick. Here at Abstrakt we offer numerous types of direct mail that will really set you apart from the competition. Some of our best options are listed here.

From the desk of…. This concept sends a handwritten letter with tailored financial information towards the prospects it is sent to. This type of mail has generated big responses in the past.

Newsprint. This concept is in the form of a newspaper ad. There will be customizable post it’s encouraging them to read the enclosed article. This will give the reader the idea of a personalized deal for just them.

Payment Reduction Program. A concept that allows people who are currently in a lease or financing a car from you to terminate the deal and upgrade to a newer car. This will drive up business and increase sales.

These are just a few of the many incredible types of direct mail we have designed for automotive clients. Abstrakt has helped many dealerships just like you increase their sales and grow their business. Check us out here to see our other direct mail designs and packages.