What are Some of the Best Ways to Grow Your Dealership’s Fan Base Internally?

8953485-empty-chalkboard-for-your-text2014 was the final year for dealerships to get caught up on the social media front; if you haven’t taken hold of your dealership’s online reputation by now, you are officially behind. The days of “we’ll get ‘em next year” are gone and you’ll be scrambling to keep your head above water.

Over the past year we’ve seen many dealerships take on the task of growing their fan base internally.  Just as they’ve built their business to be successful, they are putting equal efforts behind their social strategy, integrating it into their culture and daily marketing efforts. Not all dealers have the luxury of utilizing social media management services like those that we provide for our clients, and opt to manage the activity themselves.

If you’re a dealership that falls into the latter of the two categories, check out these best practices to help grow your fan base internally:

  • Install links to social media pages on your dealership’s website.
  • Add Facebook links and information to your other marketing pieces.
  • Add social media to traditional media campaigns.
  • Solicit fan growth through email campaigns.
  • Utilize point-of-sale to encourage customers to in-store to check in or “Like” the dealership’s Facebook page.

There are hundreds of additional practices you can adapt to positively impact your dealership’s fan base, but the several listed above are a great starting point. If you don’t feel confident in taking on the tasks yourself, reach out to our Social Automotive Marketing team to learn about the solutions we can offer to your dealership.