Traditional vs. Digital Automotive Direct Mail

Its 2014, so how is the economy looking?  Aside from the past few months of a winter mess, automotive sales are actually rising!  This could be a good sign of the US economy overall.  So forget that marketing budget, and watch those customers roll on in!  If only it were that simple.  Dealers have been using direct mail forever, but the cost of traditional media is growing.  How can your business bridge the gap between traditional and digital advertising? 
No matter how you reach out to customers, personalized and customized communication is the key to increasing engagement.  Direct mail has always been a good way to engage the consumer.  Using intrigue, humor and a personal touch can make this direct communication stand out.  Watch how BMW, Porsche and Lexus bridge the gap between digital and traditional automotive marketing:
Obviously, this may be a little easier for these big names to accomplish.  The idea is to take inspiration and be creative!  Remember, in 2014, there is a strong emphasis on the consumer experience.  Make sure your communication has that personal touch!