The Automotive Success Plan


For over 20 years Abstrakt, has been helping automotive dealers grow their business. We have helped them gain new customers and increase their sales in many different ways. We put into use many different tactics to gain the attention and business of both previous and new customers.

Our company will build your social media presence. We will then use this to generate interest within your company and products. The guarantee is 2000 new fans for your business. Through these pages we will build connections and send out incentives to check out your business and purchase from you.

Direct mail will be sent out in order to garner more interest as well. We will send brochures and other items of interest in order to help consumers become more educated about your business. This will lead them to come to you to learn even more and possibly even a sale.

Our signature system is called Sale Without Mail (SWOM). We begin by identifying previous customers who have not purchased within the last two years. We contact your previous customers to discuss the options that are at their disposal such as trading in and buying a new car. They will be contacted up to six times over a two week period at different times in order to increase the chance of making a connection. After identifying an interested party we will set an appointment for them to meet with you and discuss the Buyback Sales Process. The SWOM method will guarantee you at least 75 appointments.

On top of all this, we also do full service advertising.  We will stay completely exclusive to one company in the market. We find it easiest to be all about you in the area, rather than help competing businesses.  These are the tools we use to help you grow your business. We want to help you. Check us out here and see how we have helped many other companies like yours succeed.