Social Media for Auto Dealerships

carpicOutside of a home, purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest and most important purchases someone can make. With so many makes, models, and dealerships, purchasing a new vehicle can be a daunting task for consumers. Having a social media page that provides useful content and information to consumers is a great way to grow your business!

Here are some reasons why social media is such a valuable asset for automotive dealerships:

Get word out about product. Did your dealership just get a shipment of highly-sought after models? Have a great selection of quality used cars for all different lifestyles? Show them off! Your social media is a great way to display the products you’re selling. Not only can this help consumers know about your current vehicle selection and make a sale right now, but it can also help close a future sale. A consumer may not need a vehicle right now, but when the need arises, they will know the kinds of vehicles you carry and if you can meet their need. The goal is to be present in consumer’s minds as the go-to dealership when they need a vehicle.

Promotions. End of the year clearance? Holiday sale? Oil change coupon? Special trade in program? Your social media pages are a great way to get the word about these special promotions! Whether it is a coupon for a free oil-change or you’re giving away a new car, social media is a great medium let consumers know about everything going on at your dealership. Engage consumers on your accounts – for example, give consumers a special discount for “sharing” something your posted to Facebook.

Testimonials. Your company’s social media can be a great place to show-off the testimony’s of satisfied customers. Why are these important? Consumers overwhelmingly trust the opinions of other consumers. While they can find reviews from consumers about certain vehicles they are interested other places online, they will not find reviews on your specific dealership. Testimonials from other consumers will give them a reason to choose you over other dealerships for their purchase.

Helpful hints. Let’s be honest – not everyone is a gearhead. Whether is basic maintenance or something much bigger, your social media accounts can help consumers. Show off features of your vehicles that can meet their needs, tutorials on how to use special features, or how to properly maintain a vehicle. In addition to attracting followers to your pages by posting your inventory, these helpful tips will help bring followers. By consistently posting content that is useful and interesting for consumers, they will follow you even if they’re not currently in the market for a vehicle. By helping consumers, you will be in their minds when the need for a new vehicle does arise.

Here at Abstrakt Marketing Group, we understand the importance of marketing to your automotive dealership. From lead generation to social media management to complete advertising, Abstrakt offers automotive marketing solutions that will help grow your business. Want to start increasing sales and build your business? Contact us today to get the ball – or in this case, tire – rolling!