Snap That!

nexusae0_Snapchat-ThumbTrust me; I know we’ve talked about automotive world’s mainly targeted demographics.  But, I would have never thought car dealers would think outside of Millennials and 50+ to target 13-20 year old Gen Y’s.  These kiddos aren’t buying cars, so why are automakers trying to engage them, and how?  Brand awareness is never a bad thing, and we’re constantly seeing more inexpensive ways to get your name into consumers’ heads.  Naturally, marketers love free press and jump on new opportunities to increase awareness; similarly, younger consumers are looking for new fun ways to swap information with friends.  So after billions of images have been shared on Snapchat, marketers are looking to utilize this one-on-one platform.

If you’re unfamiliar, Snapchat is a photo messaging application, allowing users to take photos or videos and add drawings or text.  From here, they can share these “snaps” with friends, for 10 seconds or less.  So how can marketers and automakers use Snapchat to get their name and products out there?  Here are a few tips:

Treasure Hunts: Any type of business can use this tactic to engage, but I think it makes sense with automakers.  Send out snaps of places/items, and ask the viewer to snap back that same place or item.  Once they’ve done that, send them the next place/item.  The first person to complete the hunt could receive product discounts, or free stuff.  This is a good way for automakers to showcase the car, and the journey it took them through to complete the challenge.

Drawings: Your brand can send a series of snaps to followers, encouraging them to write down each piece of the communication.  These pieces can make up a longer message that only makes sense if they’ve seen all of the snaps.  Those who understand the complete message can be entered in a drawing.

Using Social Networks:  By utilizing other social sites to promote your brand using Snapchat, your communication can get some leverage.  Saying on Twitter, “hey, we just joined Snapchat, follow us,” can get you more of a response.  From here, you can offer special discount codes to anyone who adds you in the first 24 hours.

Instead of sending the same messages to everyone, Snapchat lets you personalize the communication.  Viewers see this type of interaction with brands as more personal, and thus they’re more likely to engage back.  I know there seems to be a new social media platform out there every other day, but Snapchat is a great way to promote new products or discounts.  If you’re struggling with the idea, check out how these brands have already started “snapping”:  Acura, Taco Bell, 16 Handles, The Co-Operative Electrical, MTV UK and Chat Sports.