Mobile + Car = A Revolutionary Fusion

1982_delorean_dmc-12-pic-54927Hand, meet smartphone; smartphone, meet hand…and the two never left each other’s sight.  Talk about a match made in heaven.  As one might assume, the majority of our world is using smartphones to connect.  Marketers are switching to more digital ways of thinking and adjusting to mobile.  So what’s the next big thing?  Cars, baby!  And the connected-car market is predicted to reach over $53 billion in the next four years.

Specifically, a “connected-car” is a car that is equipped with internet access, and usually also with a wireless local network.  Imagine being able to update your car like you’d update your smartphone.  Since I don’t know anyone that can afford to “upgrade” their car as often as they renew a two-year mobile plan, this makes sense to me.  I’ll own my car for a few decades if I’m lucky, and my touchscreen will be in the same category as the “bag phone” by the time it dies.  Why not be able to update certain parts of my car like I’d update my computer or phone?

The fact that this is happening, and that companies like Blackberry and Sprint have been investing in the idea for years, is amazing.  Connected-car technology will change the game like smartphones did.  It will be a whole new world for marketers. As for automakers, they hold the power.  The big mobile players are connecting directly with automakers to bring this idea to life.  But of course, it’s the mobile company that’s trying to get into the car.  So unless Nokia starts making cars, the future of the connected-car is in the automakers’ hands.

I know its Friday, but this whole idea has me really excited.  They’re literally throwing words around like “infotainment” and “vehicle-to-vehicle communication.”  A lot of responsibility lies in the automakers hands, but also in the mobile businesses they’re partnering with.  As for me, I get to start thinking outside the box, and inside the car, when it comes to marketing.  These kinds of collaborations are what keep the world going round…