How Memorable Are You?


Marketing is a science. There are all kinds of theories and thought processes that can be utilized when trying to decide on a type of marketing. One interesting theory that comes to mind when thinking about marketing in the automotive industry is recency theory. Recency theory states that the closer to the time of purchase that the ad is seen, the more effect it has upon the person. The idea is that when shopping you will recall the ads that you have seen most recently. There is so much brand parity within the auto industry that this idea may just come into play when looking to buy a car. If this theory holds true, then timing your marketing assets can be a huge key to your success.

Here at Abstrakt, we have mastered the art of reaching consumers at the best possible time. We use your past history of customers to determine who may be in the market for a new car. We then offer deals such as a buyback deal where you will purchase their car back at a better price than anywhere else, if they were to purchase a new car from you. If we use marketing assets at the correct time, your company will be the one that sticks in their head. The assets we use that range from our amazingly designed newsprints to the outbound calls through the SWOM program, will leave your customers fully informed and ready to pull the trigger on a new vehicle.

Our methods are fully proven and have worked time and time again. Abstrakt is here to help your company achieve the sales you desire with the customers you trust. We will help you succeed.