Get Those Cars Moving


In this economy, it can be a struggle for automotive dealerships to keep their sales growing. People cut back on their spending and a car is a big purchase that they may be able to hold off on making. This cutback by consumers can really put a strain on you as an auto dealer. You obviously rely on keeping cars going off your lot as a way to stay in business. Without those sales, your business may be in trouble. Abstrakt is here to tell you that we can help. Our fantastic sales programs can help you to keep your business growing even in hard times. Two of our programs that we are most proud of are our payment reduction plan and our vehicle buyback program.

The payment reduction plan will be sent out to current customers who may be financing, leasing or even those who have paid their vehicle off.  This will show the customer the many options they have with their current car. It will offer the possibility of terminating their finance or lease and allow them to hop into a newer car. It may even allow them to trade in a car at a higher than normal value as well. This program will entice customers who know your dealership to return and continue business with you. The vehicle buyback program will interest customers in a new car as well. This program is designed to allow customers to trade in their old car for a higher price than anywhere else. On top of the already good deal you would be giving them, if they also were to purchase a new car through you, the deal will become even sweeter.

These are only a couple of the programs that we can implement to help your dealership succeed in any kind of economy. We have already helped many dealerships and continue to on a daily basis. When you allow us to help you, we stop at nothing to see you succeed. Your growth is our growth, and we take pride in that.