Facebook Produces Impressive Results For the Car Industry


One of the most important things for a marketing team to worry about is your company’s image. Who sees you and how they see you can determine a lot about how well your company performs. Companies, especially automotive companies, are always on the lookout for new ways to promote and increase their brand recognition. Facebook has set out to help auto dealers expand their brand and spread the word about their cars. They just recently produced three case studies in which their website has produced impressive results.

The first case study was done in the UK with a company called Renault. Facebook was used to spread the word about two of their car models. Using the website, Renault was able to specifically target certain types of people based upon age and other profile information. A car company with the ability to adjust their target to specific groups of people that they know will be most interested in buying the car would have a huge advantage over other companies. The next case study was performed in Germany. General Motors used the same tactics in order to promote and increase knowledge of two of their subsidiaries’ car models. During the study, GM reported that interest in one of the brands was up 44% and the other increased by 27%. Again, Facebook allowed GM to tailor their advertisements based upon who they were trying to attract and which car they would most likely be interested in. Finally, in the third study, Ford set out on a mission to see how well a car would be able to sell through the website. They began by producing 500 limited edition cars. These cars would be sold through Facebook only and nowhere else. They were able to sell all 500. Ford was so happy with the results that they plan to allow Facebook to sell cars through the website again with one of their newest brands.

The results don’t lie. Facebook has helped all three of these companies reignite some of their old brands and begin to introduce new brands. This goes to show that social networking is one of the best assets that marketers, especially automotive marketers, have access to. When used in the correct way the results can be great. To learn more about how Abstrakt can work to improve your social networking presence, visit our website. http://www.abstraktmg.com/