Come See Me Today! I’ll Save You Money! 5 Tips to Auto Script Writing

The-Secrets-of-Selling-Like-a-Skeazy-Slimy-Used-Car-Salesman“We’re slashing prices left and right!  Come see us today to get the best deal you’ll find on a car this century!  SUVs are literally FLYING off our lot, so don’t forget to come see us TODAY!”  I’ll tell you, that pitch really makes me want to drop everything and go buy a car.  I can’t be too hard though, script writing isn’t easy!  So unless you have a copywriter in house, read these tips on how auto dealers can write an effective TV script:

1.  Think about what it is you’re trying to sell.  It’s likely you’ll only have 30 seconds or less to relay your message, so be clear.  Pick the car or cars, and decide which features you’d like to highlight.  From here, turn these features into benefits for your consumer, and pitch that.

2.  In addition to being clear, being truthful is another big one in auto ads.  Don’t promise something you can’t live up to.  It’s smart to include a call to action in your ad, so think about these types of phrases:  Call now, offer ends Saturday, follow us on Facebook, come see our showroom, etc.

3.  TV is the best of both worlds, using sound and sight to engage your audience.  This medium gives you an advantage over radio, but can be costly.  Make sure you’re utilizing the sight and sound combo to its highest potential.

4.  We’ve all heard those “same old” automotive commercials, so be sure to make it entertaining!  Come up with a jingle, develop a catchy tagline or use humor to engage.

5.  Like any speech or term paper, it’s most important to proof read and practice saying it out loud.  Recite your script to multiple people, and figure out if they’re getting your message.  If not, eliminate fillers and stick to the most important selling points.

Sometimes it’s the cheesy ads that resonate; sometimes it’s the straight forward communication that works.  TV ads aren’t cheap, but can give you the kind of mass exposure your dealership is looking for.  Before you start looking for a cameraman and lighting, make sure you’ve got a solid script nailed down.  Check out this example of a dealership TV spot, it might get you thinking outside the box!