Automotive Marketing – Are We Having Fun Yet?

suit-600-textIt’s no secret that automotive marketers have a lot on their plate. From monthly promotions to new vehicle releases to maintaining their current client base while building their new client pipeline, it can be extremely overwhelming (pan to crazy marketing guy on our right). Now, this could be the part where I say, “don’t worry we have all the answers to your automotive marketing problems,” but I won’t – even though we do. No, no, no, there will be plenty of time for that later, what we’re going to talk about now is how YOU can manage your marketing without losing your cool. Yes, it is feasible.

Initially, you need to define the role of your “marketing manager,” because chances are they are doing several jobs at once but are not being particularly impactful on any one job. So build out the role, list what activities and goals are most important for that individual. You may find yourself in a situation where one person just can’t fit the bill, so that’s another thing to consider.

Next up it’s time to talk reports and data. If your marketing manager is like that of most dealerships, they’re receiving over 20 metric reports a day from various sites and reputation management software. They’re tracking web leads, managing online ads, managing the listings of countless vehicles on various sites, digging into the dealerships Google analytics and managing their social media sites – just to name a few. With that being said, let’s give an impromptu round of applause for all that your automotive marketing manager is doing for your dealership, holy cow. Once you get past the shock and awe, take steps to condense the data. Look into dashboards that will allow you to integrate several of these reports into one, which will undoubtedly alleviate some stress from the marketing manager.

Last but not least (this is where we get to our spiel) take some time to explore out of house solutions that can lessen the marketing load. From social media management and creative design to our notorious Sale Without the Mail program, our marketing team is ready to take on your marketing headache. Visit our website for more information regarding our automotive marketing solutions.