Abstrakt Marketing Group’s Automotive Appointment Guarantee Programs is the perfect sales appointment generation tool for your dealership.

Guaranteed Appointments 

We guarantee appointments every month and build a pipeline that consistently increases your sales and retention over the long haul.

  • All appointments include a specific date, time and purpose to meet your sales management team
  • All appointments are listened to and processed by our QC team
  • Your management team will receive all the customer details and the call recording for each appointment
  • Consumers give us permission to follow up in the future, providing you the best compliance in the industry


  • All calls recorded
  • No more than 1 attempt to overcome an objection
  • All Appointments are required to have specific date, time and purpose to meet with your sales manager
  • Discussion about payment-specific details are not allowed
  • All Appointments are approved by our quality team
  • All calls end with a customer appreciation statement
  • Activity verification


  • Identifies all store managers in every department
  • Adds Google Maps from every one of your customers front door to yours
  • Introduction to your dedicated Account Consultant and a team of Partner Sales Representatives
  • Schedules Program kick off meeting with all sales managers
  • Create personalized call strategy


  • All Partner Sales Representatives complete an extensive training certification process
  • Automotive Industry 101
  • Vehicle Buyback script certification
  • Overcoming Objections certification
  • Challenging client certification
  • Constant training

Monthly calibration meetings

  • Review all appointments
  • Create personalized target and message strategy

Keep your BDC and Sales Associates focused on customers who are in their shopping cycle and are ready to have a vehicle specific conversation (Internet, Lot and Phone Ups) and you will sell more cars!  Abstrakt makes the thousands of calls it takes to truly mine your database.