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Skyrocket Your Email Click-Through Rate with This Single Tactic

Do you use email marketing for your company’s lead generation strategy? If you do, your email click-through rate might be making you lose some sleep at night. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. If you don’t use email marketing, or you’re new to the tactic – here’s what we’re talking about: Email click-through rate (CTR) is […]

Part 3: The Upsets of Marketing Madness

The past few weeks have been a wild ride for college basketball fans, with this past weekend alone being full of excitement as Michigan took down Loyola Chicago. Tonight marks the end of March Madness with the men’s final championship game. Michigan and Villanova will face off to determine the 2018 March Madness champion. “If […]

Part Two: The Upsets of Marketing Madness

We’re nearing the end of the March Madness tournament, and few brackets remain intact. Kansas, Villanova, Loyola Chicago and Michigan are headed to San Antonio for the Final Four. Only 0.48% of ESPN brackets predicted that Loyola would make it to this point, proving just how unpredictable the tournament truly is. With the right strategy, […]

The Upsets of Marketing Madness

Ah, March Madness. One tournament, 68 teams, hundreds of players, single elimination. We are in the midst of this beautiful event, where any team has a chance to come out on top. As we’ve seen, March Madness is full of buzzer-beaters, and underdogs coming out on top with upsets. Even those who hardly know anything […]

The History of Lead Generation

The history of lead generation is a story passed down from generation to generation. First told by cave drawings, today I present it to you in the form of a blog. Lead generation has evolved into a massive industry, generating millions of dollars each year. In the beginning, generating sales meant going cave-to-cave giving recommendations […]