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As a B2B business, you should be focused on what you know best—the products and services you offer. However, while you’re focused on serving and retaining current clients, how are you bringing in new ones? That’s where Abstrakt comes in. As a B2B lead generation and business growth company, we offer effective lead generation strategies that help you grow your business.


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Business to business lead generation is the process of acquiring new leads for your B2B business (a business that markets and sells to other businesses rather than to individual consumers). In order to grow, B2B businesses must be consistently generating qualified leads. More leads mean more potential customers, and new customers mean more revenue.

Abstrakt generates new leads for your business using both outbound and inbound lead generation strategies. Our sales and marketing experts know the different strategies that are required to grow your unique B2B business.

Outbound Lead Generation—Reaching Out to Your Target Customers

Outbound lead generation often referred to as “interruption lead generation,” is an approach to lead gen in which B2B marketers initiate the first interaction by sending out messages to potential leads. Talented sales teams at Abstrakt use a combination of phone calls and emails to generate leads for B2B businesses. Our outbound marketing solution enables you to identify a target audience and go after only your ideal customers. We don’t just provide outbound lead generation; we also have an entire marketing agency dedicated to bringing our clients top-notch inbound lead generation solutions. Our outbound offering encompasses the following services:


List building

Our data and quality team uses top prospecting tools to build you a list of qualified leads who match your target market exactly. Our sales reps then use this list to call on prospects, build your pipeline, and grow your customer base.

Cold calling

With outbound marketing, it is important to identify the key decision-maker (KDM) in an organization. While our data and quality team builds strong lists for our sales teams, there is still more information that sales reps must find on their own. By cold calling, they can start to develop a relationship with prospects and determine information such as who the KDM is, what the correct email address is for that KDM, and when they might be interested in buying.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical component of our outbound marketing programs. Utilizing marketing automation tools, we send out emails to leads in your pipeline to introduce ourselves, nurture them, and, eventually, convert them into customers. Our emails include links to landing pages and other attachments to intrigue prospects to learn more about your product or service.

Marketing Collateral

In addition to building your pipeline, we offer additional services like our Marketing Collateral solution to give our sales efforts a boost. You’ll work with a Marketing Collateral Project Manager on your assets while skilled graphic designers are working in the background to create brochures, sell sheets, infographics, and other marketing assets. This collateral is produced to improve our efforts and get you more opportunities to close deals.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Inbound Lead Generation—Bringing Customers to You

Inbound is the creation of content and other marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website in an effort to convert those website visitors into leads. Inbound leads are already interested in the product or service that your business offers. This type of lead generation connects you with leads who are already looking for what you offer and solves problems these connections already have. If a user searches for your product or service online, we want to make sure they find and click on your business first, not a competitor’s. We offer the following marketing services to help you generate inbound leads:

Video is another marketing tool you can use to get more clicks on your social posts or to increase conversion rates on your web pages. Our video production team can create a video that shows who you are as a business and helps you bring in new customers.

Working closely with our digital strategy team, our talented team of copywriters produces content for your business that helps you rank well in search engines. This content may include blog posts or service pages for your website. Additionally, our digital strategy team will optimize your website to ensure speed, proper URL structure, and more with the ultimate goal of improving SEO value.

Many of your potential customers are on social media; whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, they are there. Social sites is another way to reach your existing customers and drive more traffic to your website.

We develop beautiful, functional, SEO-friendly websites for our B2B clients. Our website development services include full website design plus 35 to 40 pages of high-quality, keyword-rich content to help you rank.

If you think your website needs a facelift or you just want to drive more customers to your existing website, our inbound marketing solutions may be right for you. We’ll help you drive traffic to your website and convert those website visitors into leads and then into satisfied customers.


Lead Generation Setting Appointments

We Build Sales Pipelines Filled With Qualified Leads

Building a pipeline is a strategic process that requires hard work, expertise, and cutting-edge tools. Executing a successful lead generation program on your own can be difficult. With Abstrakt on your side, it doesn’t have to be. Our team of lead generation experts uses top tools, industry knowledge, unique communication techniques, and a variety of other skills to help you stand out against competitors.

Are you ready to start generating qualified leads for your B2B company? Contact Abstrakt Marketing Group to get started with your program today.

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