Pipeline Sales Process

You shouldn’t have to work overtime just to produce leads and appointments. Our Pipeline Outsourced Sales Solution takes away the headache of prospecting and leaves you with quality appointments with prospects looking to work with your company, at a cost that’s less than one full-time employee.

Pipeline Marketing Assets

Our sales outsourcing process worked successfully for years using the phone, email and web research.  However, we now believe that using just the phone and email is no longer enough for prospecting success.

Best practices say that you need to stand out from competitors, who are most likely targeting your prospect already.   You also need to communicate with your prospect using a variety of mediums. We incorporate high impact, custom collateral to move your prospect through the decision process and influence prospects.

To increase your Pipeline results, we create six Pipeline marketing assets per year.

Partner Sales Portal

As an exclusive Pipeline Sales Outsourcing Partner you will have 24/7 access to our Partner Results Portal.

Use your Partner Results Portal to:

  • View all sales activity
  • Manage your leads
  • Confirm sales appointments
  • Review survey summaries
  • Provide Voice of the Customer feedback
  • Access Sales Training videos and workbooks