From the Desk of …

Our “From the Desk of” letter is an innovative way to get the envelope opened and generate a huge response. The concept is to use a handwritten letter with specific financial information merged in. You will also have an opportunity to insert a business card or an appraisal form.


Codekase Event

Our Codekase Event has been one of our best promotions in the past. We use a Codekase match and win system to increase response rates. This program makes sure that your advertisement stands out and the electronic device attached to your mailer creates an immediate call to action to visit the dealership.

News Print

Customers enjoy the look and feel of this mail piece that is customized in a newspaper format for your dealership. This is in a handwritten font envelope and when customers open it, there are personalized sticky notes prompting them to read the enclosed newspaper article – making the piece appear to be specifically for them. This is an absolute must-see!

You’re Invited

Our Greeting Card Series gets opened! Seasonal promotions, event promotions or announcements – no matter the occasion, our customizable greeting cards hit the mark. The design and tone of our greeting cards convey personality and gives your dealership an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Cards are the one piece of mail that customers want to open every time.

Payment Reduction Program

Our Payment Reduction Program is for current vehicle owners who are financing or leasing a vehicle and wish to terminate that agreement and upgrade to a newer vehicle from your dealership. This is a great program to drive traffic to your dealership and increase your customer base.

Service Reactivator

If you have customers who have yet to come into your dealership since their last purchase or haven’t made it in to get services in a while, this is the program you’re looking for to increase traffic. Our Service Reactivator program calls customers to schedule service appointments with your dealership for a great price and brings them back through your doors.

Vehicle Buyback

This program drives traffic while contributing to your pre-owned inventory. This piece will request that your customers come back into the dealership to sell their vehicle for a great deal and purchase a newer vehicle. The Vehicle Buyback program includes messaging and design that will get customers into your dealership.

From the inbox of…

This program features a custom email from the owner or general manager of your dealership, letting your customer know you want their vehicle and can reduce their payments. You’ll have the opportunity to include a personalized, handwritten sticky note or a personalized note written directly on the email.


Getting your direct mail piece opened is the biggest hurdle you face and our MailEx piece gets opened. The unique “overnight” design and size of the package spikes the customer’s interest, making sure they open your mail.