marketing collateral

Abstrakt strategically integrates a series of sales assets throughout our Pipeline Outbound Sales Process to enhance results and accomplish business growth goals.

Sell Sheets

Lighting Solutions Sell Sheet

Using sell sheets is an efficient and adaptive way to promote your products, services or business as a whole. Sell Sheets typically focus on the unique benefits and aspects of your products and services and allow salespeople to quickly deliver impactful messaging targeted to specific prospects. In our process, we utilize sell sheets in emails and as responses to prospects who request more in-depth information during our conversations.


Your sales staff need attractive email-ready overall digital representations of your company that describes your products and services as well as who you are and why businesses choose to do business with you. We can turn your basic sales material and white paper topics into attractive, graphically rich material for emailing to prospects throughout our pipeline process.

Case Studies

When shopping for a new product or service, who do you trust the most: the sales guy or the customer who has already used the product or service? Getting a real-life opinion from someone is always more impactful because it is unbiased and often rooted in common experience. We work case studies in at the right time during the sales cycle to help generate opportunities for your business.