Sales Process Assets

Assets Included in the Program

Abstrakt strategically integrates a series of marketing assets throughout our Pipeline Outbound Sales Process to increase brand awareness enhance results and accomplish business growth goals

Sales Process Asset Delivery Schedule

Month 1: Implementation

During implementation you will be introduced to the four different marketing assets you will receive. These assets include a brochure, a sell sheet highlighting unique features of your services, and two case studies about a previous client success story. A clear timeline will be set to ensure the marketing assets are completed efficiently.

Month 2: Design Stage

After implementation, a copywriter will use the information you provide to compose a creative brief outlining the content of your assets. Using your company’s branding along with your website, a graphic designer will take this content to design your 4 marketing assets. You will have one round of edits to perfect the piece and ensure that it matches your current marketing collateral. After you give your final approval, the assets will be uploaded to the email communications your partner sales representative is sending on your behalf.