our outbound process

Use our Pipeline sales outsourcing process to gain competitive marketing data, improve brand awareness and drive more sales.


The first stage in our sales outsourcing process is the cleansing phase. In this part of the process we make up to eight phone calls to qualify and learn about your targets firsthand. We want to identify who the decision maker is, confirm their contact information and start gathering critical sales data.

During our process, we will move over 100 companies through this stage each month.


We use a series of phone calls, emails and marketing assets to introduce your products and services to decision makers. Our goal during this part of the Pipeline Sales Outsourcing Process is simple: have the best possible conversation with your prospect, get an appointment if an opportunity exists and, if not, leave the door open to build a relationship over time.

All qualified targets make it 100% of the way through the Introduction Phase. This means we reach more decision makers, collect more information and nurture every opportunity for you to close new sales.

During the Introduction Phase, we’ll incorporate the Pipeline marketing assets to help introduce your company to your qualified targets.


Lead nurturing is about delivering useful, relevant content to prospects early in the sales process. Once a prospect is through the introduction phase, it is essential to develop and maintain those relationships until the prospects are ready to buy your products or services.

What makes our Nurture Phase unlike any other? Our carefully planned multi-touch process has been tweaked and refined since 2008 based on our real experience with what tactics, mediums and selling points are most effective.

During the Nurture Phase, we use multiple communication channels to reach the decision makers in your market. We incorporate marketing assets to help motivate your prospects to secure a meeting.


The responsibility of finding new customers to grow your business is not something your company should take lightly; we certainly don’t. We connect our clients with leads that have a demonstrated interest in and need for their business services.  Our clients convert a high percentage of those relationships into closed business, utilizing our Sales Portal to prepare for meetings and personalize sales pitches to the specific prospect.

When you receive qualified appointments from our staff, the dirty work is already done for you. No more countless hours of screening and qualifying or dismissing leads – we only send you leads that match your target marketing and predetermined qualifications.