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Recapping the Week [6/2-6/6]

Quality Over Quantity

There has been some panic in the social marketing industry lately about Facebook. Some companies believe that all the changes that Facebook has been making lately have caused a decrease in views for their brand. And if looking at a general overview of the data, they are correct. Facebook impression numbers are down from where they have been in the past. There is much more to the real story though. Read more here.


CTA Keys for Email Marketing

Most every company markets their business and their products through emails. It is a very common


Recapping the Week [5/26-5/30]

Is the Feedback You’re Receiving Useful?

Everyone is always curious as to how they are perceived by others. In the business world that view can have a huge impact upon whether or not you are successful. As a business leader you must be able to find out how your company is performing and how you can adjust to better accommodate your customers. Feedback is one of the many key assets that you as a business leader can utilize to help make your company successful. Here are a few key tips in how to find the right feedback: Read more